Bellota – Chopping Axe

Bellota – Chopping Axe


Guipuzcoa Axe Ilargi Ahoa / High steel F-114 with 0,45% of carbon and Rockwell hardness of 55 HRC / Moon profile Axe head / Beech handle carved by hand / 1,25Kg Axe of melted and forged steel / Bridle blade guard made with Spanish leather tanned with tree barks and lubricated with vegetable oils / Hand-crafted with natural linen waxed with beewax / Brasswork / Sharpen by hand with file.

Our axes are manufactured by hand and custom made. They go through different artisans’ workshops all around Spain, so they take their time, between 2 or 3 weeks of production.

If you want to have your initials engraved on the leather guard, don’t forget to let us know when you make your order.

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These axes are Guipuzcoa type, those developed by the blacksmiths from the Vizcaina Axe -of more straight geometry- considering the adjustments suggested by the charcoal-burner of the area. The Vizcaina Axe is the French type, the one that travelled to North America and then someone developed into the classic profiles of the East Coast of the USA. We have selected the Guipuzcoa Axe because of being more curious and original of our country. The mouth of the axe head is curved (like the moon) and suddenly it gets thicker; Ilargi Ahoa or Moon Mouth profile, that’s how was named by Caro Baroja at his book titled The Basques. This type of profile make easier not to get stuck into the stump and to take the axe out from it effortless.
The size of the Chopping Axe is suitable for its use by two hands for chopping as to prune by one hand. Versatile as none, the weight of the head joined to the slimness of the handle, makes this axe flies lightly and impacts with forcefulness.

For the manufacture process we have worked with five artisans’ workshops knowledgeable of their trade. They have provided each product with a sense of quality, beauty and functionality. The Woodworker, a master Craftsman who has spent more than 60 years working by hand the wood (without wood lathe) and is the one that has elaborated the handle of the axe. The Blacksmith, José Ramón Jáuregui, third generation of Basque blacksmiths specialized in the manufacture of axes. The secret of the forge is in the temper metal: some eyes capable of recognizing the reddish color that adopts the steel when it reaches the exact temperature to work on it, striking the metal on the anvil to give the shape to the axe head and to improve the resistance of the steel. The Wood Finisher, Luís Bahillo, the one in charge of adorning the axe and of the finishing process. The tradition of adorning tools of work is a long one and present in different cultures. The colors and geometries that adorn the handle have been carefully chosen by us and each of five combinations have their own name and a story behind. The Carver, Don Ángel, is the artisan who has made the stamp with the emblem of Rudo y Noble. A piece drawn by hand and carved on bronze and brass plates in a small workshop in the Sierra of Ávila. The manufacture process ends in Madrid, where it began, with David and Melina, the Leather Craftmen. They are the hands that have sewn up with natural linen —waxed with beewax— each of the bridle leather blade guards that protect the axe head.
That’s how the first product of our line of goods has been manufactured. A tool that gathers three noble materials, wood, steel and leather, and the know-how of five artisans’ workshops that have chosen to live doing what they love. La Gran Vida —The Great Life— is the spirit that lives behind our axes and each of the goods of Rudo y Noble.

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Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 60 cm


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