(The Great Life, that’s our motto!)

At Rudo y Noble we work with Spanish artisans and noble materials. All our products are thought for work and enjoyment.

Rudo y Noble is a product edition brand that is inspired by the world of the outside, the forest and the mountain, and also by the beauty and functionality of tools and traditional implements. We recover the know-how and the quality of the Spanish artisans —they who enrich the product at every stage— to equip customers with actual long-lasting goods with a simple and elegant design and a deliciously imperfect finish.

The profit of Rudo y Noble goes directly to support Trasmonte’s labour of small bees recovery.

  • You’ll probably want to purchase an axe from Rudo y Noble and then never use it because it looks so damn good.
    Mike Newman
  • Je me délecte de ce travail fait main; chaque artisan maitrisant son art: l’acier, le cuir, le bois, le poinçonnage… Ceci montre surtout qu’ensemble, ils peuvent réaliser un produit fini au design et à la qualité maitrisée.
    Bertrand Meunier / Undressed Design
  • These axes look like they should be displayed on a mantle.
    Cool Material
  • 99% of our audience will acknowledge the beautiful design and  craftsmanship of the Rudo y Noble axe.
    The Versatile Gent
  • Se han convertido en piezas de deseo: únicas y genuinas.
  • Although this thing was built to do some serious damage outdoors, it might just look too nice to actually use.